Young Racer Wants To "Be Like Mike"

Diana Pope, from Oakdale, California may have a future motocross superstar in her family. Dianas nine year old son Tyler Ash is an amateur motocross racer. Ash recently finished second in overall points in the local spring series held by AMP/GFI Racing, and currently holds first place in another local series.

I would like to praise you for coming out with your two-cycle racing oil, Pope said. We attribute part of (Tylers) success to using your AMSOIL products. We always recommend AMSOIL products to fellow racers because we have been so pleased with the performance of Tylers bike.

Pope said that because of the extra power and protection AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oil provided, Ashs 1994 Kawasaki KX 60 bike is even able to compete against many newer and more heavily modified bikes at the races. Some of the parents who have spent lots of money for the extra things on their kids' bikes are very surprised when Tyler beats them, Pope said. They always come over to ask what we have done to his bike. We have to tell them that we have only tuned it up and taken care of it by running AMSOIL.

In our opinion, Pope said, if AMSOIL products are good enough for Mike Larocco, they are good enough for us!


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